Summit Atlas Family Newsletter: February 28, 2018

Summit Atlas Family Newsletter: February 28, 2018

A note from the principal…

Dear Atlas family,

The last two weeks have been extremely difficult for educators, families and students across our country. We are reminded in these times of our number one priority as a school community: the emotional and physical safety of our students. Amidst the grief, anger, and confusion, I am finding hope in our nation’s young people. They are leading the charge in Florida for safer schools. I am finding hope in our Atlas students. They are leading the charge for a more compassionate world. Every time they make a choice to be inclusive, to sit with a new friend, to reach out to an adult out of concern for another student, to take academic risks in the safety of our learning community—every time they choose courage over fear—we move toward achieving our mission.

When a tragedy like this happens, it is only natural to ask ourselves some questions and to seek answers. It can feel like there are no action steps, but there are. As a school community, we have practiced and will continue to practice safety protocols to ensure we are prepared for any situation. Additionally, we ensure doors are locked during the school day, and we appreciate your patience when you occasionally have to wait for the door to be opened. At home, here are a few things you can do to support our school community in creating a safe environment:

At Summit Atlas, we believe all means all. Every student needs to feel loved, supported, and safe every day. Thank you for your commitment to that mission and for supporting our students and teachers through difficult times. I am hopeful for the future of our country because I believe in the students and families who grace us with their presence and character each day.

With hope and gratitude,



Black History Movie Night Thursday!
6th Grade Pick-Up Time: 5 PM
9th Grade Pick-Up Time: 5:30 PM

Our students have been celebrating Black History Month by learning some history each morning in Pod Time. We are learning about important figures in African American history, as well as celebrating the history and culture of HBCUs. Please consider sending your student to movie night for a fun learning experience! Sixth grade will be watching Akeelah and the Bee, which portrays a young black student with academic determination; ninth grade will be watching Glory Road, which tells the story of the first university to start an all-black basketball squad in the NCAA history.

In March, we will be celebrating Women’s History Month through film and lessons during Pod Time. If you are interested in joining the conversation for Women’s History month or Black History Month in the future, please reach out to your mentor. We know our community is rich with experts and adults excited to discuss important topics with our students. Please consider joining us!


Join Co-Curricular Programming!

So many of our founders have started clubs or sports teams this year, but we are still looking for even more! Please talk to your student about getting involved in the following activities. Anyone can join!

– Soccer
– Boys basketball (ninth grade only, practices every day)
– Dance/Cheer (Mondays)
– Music Club (Wednesdays)
– Robotics Club (Mondays)
– Student Council (Mondays)
– Improv Acting (meets Friday afternoons)

See something missing that your child might be looking for? Tell your child to reach out to Ms. Bubalo to get started on founding a new club.


Please consider donating the following supplies:

  • – Hand Sanitizers
  • – Copy Paper specifically from Staples (
  • – Tissues
  • – Clorox wipes
  • – Pens
  • – Pencils
  • – Dish soap
  • – Staples


Construction Update

We are so excited for the quickly approaching completion of our new building! Construction is on track, and we expect the building to be ready in July. We know that the construction has recently taken up more space in our parking lot, which can be challenging. We are working with the construction team to ensure all students and parents are safe at all times during the day but most especially during arrival and dismissal. Here are some of the safety measures currently in place:

  • – Weekly check-ins and regular communication with the superintendent of the project
  • – Safety cones used to designate areas of concern
  • – Conversations with students about construction safety, as well as constant supervision outside
  • – Clear identification stickers for approved construction workers

Please reach out to Ms. Abubakar with specific traffic flow or safety concerns if you have them.


CLASS OF 2024: Sixth Grade Updates

The Class of 2024 is focusing on three things:

  • – Kind words
  • – Appropriate touch
  • – Taking feedback

These skills are designed to move our middle school students toward high school preparedness and promote academic focus in classrooms. Additionally, our sixth grade students are working toward having 70% of their pod On-Track in content assessments at all times. You can check out your child’s content assessment progress by logging onto their SLP or reaching out to your mentor.


CLASS OF 2021: Ninth Grade Updates

The class of 2021 is working on being prepared for class and showing pride in their work. The Principal’s Advisory Board is working on planning an upcoming earned field trip. To be part of the field trip, ninth grade students must meet the following criteria:

  • – On time to school every day with a charged computer and writing utensil
  • – One or fewer tardies to class
  • – No major incidents of disrespect or disruption

The field trip will be toward the end of March. Please reach out to your mentor if you are interested in chaperoning!


Congratulations to the following students accepted onto the Principal’s Advisory Board:

– Nadiya Abdulkadir
– Alejandra Ruiz-Diaz
– Danielle Billharz
– Sadie Burke
– Esther Mumbi
– Ayan Abdi
– Vega Rietberg
– Eve Masonsmith
– Miranda Santos-De La Cruz
– Nuh Mukhtar
– Sabakhan Muhammad
– Jackson Alvis
– William Henke
– Carlos Silva

These members of the Class of 2021 will meet with Ms. Bubalo to plan for the coming years at Summit Atlas, including the future of our culture, co-curricular opportunities, and social experiences. Students who were accepted submitted an essay explaining what their vision for Summit Atlas is and how they hope to make it a reality. Congratulations!


Important Upcoming Dates

March 15: Women’s History Month Movie Night

March 16: Family Conferences (no school for students)

March 30: Cesar Chavez Day observed (school closed)

April 9-13: Spring Break (school closed)