Summit Atlas Family Newsletter: March 16, 2018

Summit Atlas Family Newsletter: March 16, 2018

Important Dates

  • – Tuesday, March 20th: Open House at Summit Atlas
    5:00 – 6:00pm – Invite families from your neighborhood and previous school, all are welcome!
  • Thursday, March 29th: WA Charters Parent Training at Summit Atlas
    5:30 – 7:00pm – This is a parent advocacy training, or “how-to”. Learn about organizing, understanding your rights as a parent, and working together with other parents to brainstorm a vision of parent involvement at Summit Atlas and execute the vision!
  • – Friday, March 30th: No School
  • – April 9th – 13th: No School, Spring Break


Important Links

  • – Summit Atlas Website
  • – Summit Learning Platform – Parent Login
  • – Parent Survey – Click HERE to take this short, 10-minute survey, your feedback is critical to our continuous improvement. Thank you!
  • – Meal Plan Payments – Click HERE to make meal plan payment through MySchoolBucks, or send payment via check, payable to “Summit Public Schools”. Contact Halima Abubakar HERE if you have any questions.


Middle School Leader Focus

Andrea Klein, Assistant Director

The class of 2024 is making great strides toward being on track for Power Focus Area Completion. As of March 9, 72% of the grade was reaching the goal! In addition to academic success, we have been focusing on how to be a professional student. The three focus areas for professionalism are

  • – Choosing Kind
  • – Appropriate Touch
  • – Taking Feedback.

As we shift into the spring months, we will add to our focus in academics to being 100% on track in classes, meaning students have passing grades (and above!) in every class. In next week’s newsletter we will share updates for on track in classes and our spring professionalism goals.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we prepare our students to be self-motivated and directed scholars and active leaders in making our world a better place.

6th Grade Staff Updates

Rachel Wong, Math

In Math, we are working on our Expressions and Equations Unit. We are about halfway through the unit, with the test tentatively scheduled for the week after Spring Break. Numerical Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, and Equations and Inequalities are the three Content Assessments (CAs) that correlate with this unit. Students should be pacing themselves to complete all three of those before Spring Break in order to be fully prepared for the test. Your student is getting back exit tickets every day with feedback from me, so if you are curious about their progress, a good way to see what we are doing and how they are doing it is to look their Exit Tickets. They should also have notes from every class period and should hold onto those notes in an organized way in order to have a reference to go back and study and refresh their memory, especially as we get nearer to the SBAC. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Chris Hennings, History

We are just finishing the second week of our new unit: Roman Newspaper. Over the coming month students will be taking a closer look at the government, religion, and historical figures that played a prominent role in the Roman Republic and Empire. After researching and reading about each topic, students will write newspaper articles, formatted and written to look and found like the real thing! The due date for this Final Product is April 6th.

The next History CA will come due this coming Tuesday, March 20th. It will cover the intersection of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity.


Amanda Wolfe, Science

This week in science we completed the Final Products of the Book Review for the My Body Book Project. Students either produced a physical book or a digital book. We also launched our 4th project called Shrinking the Human Footprint. In this project the students have the mission of investigating a human impact and creating a magazine article that offers suggestion for how humans can shrink our “ecological footprint” while still meeting human needs. Students will receive feedback on checkpoints 1 and 2 next week. The final product is due on April 6th before break.


Chineka Jones, English

In English class, for the current unit, students are focused on what they believe it takes to “Live The Good Life”. Currently we are focusing on prep work for the two final products, an essay and podcast. Students have listened to sample podcasts and have analyzed a sample essay. This week checkpoint 3 is due, which students have been working on the past 2 classes. The Point of View CA is due on March 14.


High School Leader Focus

Katie Bubalo, Executive Director

The class of 2021 is working to become sophomore-ready! You may have recently heard your student talk about OrcaBucks or the auction we recently held at Celebrations. These incentives are helping us turn students’ attention toward the following sophomore-ready behaviors:

-Being on time to school every day
-Coming to school with a charged laptop and writing utensil every day
-Being on time to every class period

Students who are meeting these goals will be attending an incentive field trip in April. Additionally, we are finalizing the date of our first ninth grade dance, which will also take place in April!

Please check in with your student each night to ensure they are prepared and on time for school every day. Additionally, we are encouraging students to increase attendance at Office Hours, which take place every Wednesday after school until 4:45 PM. Please talk to your student about attending Office Hours to get extra academic support or about joining one of the following clubs or activities after school:

  • Dance/Cheer – Mondays/Wednesdays, 3:45-4:30pm
  • Student Council – Mondays, 3:45-4:30pm
  • Music Club – Wednesdays, 3:45-4:30pm
  • Robotics Club – Mondays, 3:45-4:30pm
  • Improv Acting – Fridays, 1:45-2:30pm

Thank you so much for your partnership and involvement in our community!


9th Grade Staff Updates

Kristen Smith, Math

Math I students are diving into our new Geometry Unit learning about congruence of triangles. We have just started to construct our first geometric proofs! This week students worked together to create a proof that two triangles are congruent and presented the proof in front of the class. Students are also practicing these skills on IXL in the Geometry section and can always do extra practice on that at home!


Nick Woodruff, History

In History we are learning about Imperialism. Students are learning about the motives for imperialism, the positive and negative effects of imperialism, and whether or not it was justified. Students are examining one of two case studies where imperialism took place: Britain in India and Belgium in Congo. After examining these case studies, students will answer the question whether war reparations should be paid to the imperialized countries and participate in a debate.


Carmen Zelaya, Biology

Students are conducting an experiment of their own design in bioremediation. They are growing different species of mustard plants and will investigate the effect of toxic metals, such as those dumped after the manufacture of electronics here in the U.S., on the growth or survival of their plants. Students will care for the plants, deliver toxin compounds, study and document the effects, and write a detailed report of their methods and findings. Please ask your student about the details of their unique experiment, and the growth of their plants. Students should have passed six content assessments by now (the most recent being “Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration”, and “Climate Change”).


Jeff Stein, English

English 9 recently began a unit reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Students will be completing a multimedia project based on the play.

We will be performing the play in class, so missing school will be difficult to make up for students during this unit.


Elective Updates

Jose Perez, Spanish

Students in Spanish 1 are working on the project, En La Escuela. Students are learning two very important skills: how to conjugate -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the present tense and asking questions with words like ¿cuándo?, ¿dónde?, and ¿quién? The three Final Products students have to do for this project are the Listening Assessment which they’ve already taken, an email about their school, classes, and schedules, and finally, they will have a conversation with a classmate about their schedules, classes and activities as a presentation. The email draft is due 3/16 and the conversation with a partner is due on 3/23.


Danielle Pottberg, Art/Yoga

6th grade and 9th grade yoga are working on heart openers such as Ustrasana (camel pose) as well as inversions (Salamba Sirsasana (headstand), Pincha Mayurasana (forearm stand), and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand). Students have been introduced to new pranayama (or breathing techniques) such as the 4-7-8 breath. Click HERE to learn more about this breathing technique. If they practice this breath at home or want to teach you the technique, please ensure they only do four sets in a row, no more.

6th grade artists are working on finishing up their diorama, incorporating collage, sculpture and painting to create 3 dimensional scenes. The next center that will open in TAB is the paint center. Students in TAB choose what materials and methods to use in their work, some great questions to ask at home are: “What did you choose for your subject of your diorama?” “What is in the foreground of your diorama? The background?”

9th grade artists have been introduced to the printmaking center and have learned monoprint and collagraph techniques. The artists are working with how to come up with art ideas, and should be working in their sketchbooks at home (they have one prompt per week that is due on Mondays). Each sketch should have collage, an element of observational drawing, and text incorporated into the work.