Summit Atlas Family Newsletter: March 23, 2018

Summit Atlas Family Newsletter: March 23, 2018

Important Dates

  • – Tuesday, March 27th: School Tour
    Time: 8:45 AM – 9:15 AM
  • Thursday, March 29th: WA Charters Parent Training at Summit Atlas
    5:30 – 7:00pm – This is a parent advocacy training, or “how-to”. Learn about organizing, understanding your rights as a parent, and working together with other parents to brainstorm a vision of parent involvement at Summit Atlas and execute the vision!
  • – Friday, March 30th: No School
  • – April 9th – 13th: No School, Spring Break
  • – Monday, April 16th: Shadow Day
    Time: 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
  • – Tuesday, April 24th: Open House
    Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • – April 27-28: WA Charter Conference
    Please plan to attend the Washington State Charters Conference in April! Join charter school educators, administrators and families from around the state in SeaTac for an evening reception on Friday, April 27th and/or the full-day conference on Saturday, April 28th.

More information can be found at the bottom of this newsletter or by clicking the link HERE.

Around the School

School Links:
Summit Atlas Website                                 Summit Learning Platform – Parent Login
Summit Atlas Donation Page

School Information:

Parent Survey

Click HERE to take this short, 10-minute survey, your feedback is critical to our continuous improvement. We need 100% parent/guardian response. Thank you!

Meal Plan Payments

Click HERE to make meal plan payment through MySchoolBucks, or send payment via check, payable to “Summit Public Schools”. Contact Halima Abubakar if you have any questions.

High School Electives:

Sign up now for after-school activities! Monday through Thursday activities run until 4:30pm, Friday activities run until 2:30pm.

  • – Dance/Cheer – Monday/Wednesday
  • – Student Council – Monday
  • – Music Club – Wednesday
  • – Robotics Club – Monday
  • – Improv Acting – Friday

Donations Needed

Thank you so much to all of our Atlas families, we truly appreciate our community and all that you do to support our community.

Below is this week’s list of needed supplies:

  • – Hand Sanitizers
  • – Notebooks
  • – Basketballs
  • – Pencils
  • – Pens
  • – Desk/File Organizers


Letter from the School Leader
Katie Bubalo, Executive Director

Dear families,

This week, the Washington State Charter School Commission spent four days interviewing our teachers, students, and families. The commission observed classes, sifted through hundreds of documents, and spent hours listening to our community. In the end, they told us one thing was extremely clear about our community: we have pride.

Pride in our academic hustle. Pride in our family engagement. Pride in our building. Pride in our pods. Pride in building a school, creating something from nothing.

I am overwhelmed with pride in our Atlas family, and I hope you are too. And one of the top priorities I have for the coming months is ensuring more students and families have an opportunity to experience that Atlas Orca pride.

We have a beautiful brand new high school building being built right now, and we want to fill it with students looking for a world class education and college opportunities. I cannot fill that building alone: I need your help. Take time to share your Orca pride with someone this week. Tell them about our school and the ways in which your student has grown and been enriched by our community. We need each ninth grade family to reach one more ninth or tenth grade family for next year. Each one reach one.

Please send interested parents directly to or have them reach out to Halima Abubakar at Feel free to join us at an Open House with a friend or to let us know of a family you want us to reach out to directly.

We have pride in the great work we are doing together, and it’s our responsibility and joy to bring other families into our community in the coming year. Please join me in spreading the word!

With gratitude,


Letter from the School Leader

Andrea Klein, Assistant Director

Dear 6th Grade Orca Families,
Thank you for taking the time to come to our family meetings throughout the last two weeks. We are grateful for each and every one of your partnerships as we continue to work to make this the model for what middle school can be.

We continued our work with our professionalism goals and see students make better decisions every day. Academically, we are shifting our focus from Power Focus Area completion on time, to being on track in classes. Please check in with your student on whether or not they have an “incomplete.” An incomplete can mean that the student is behind in either Power Focus Area(s), Projects, or have a below 70% Cognitive Score. If your student does not have a letter grade for a class in their platform, this is an Incomplete. Please reach out to your student’s mentor with questions.

As a fellow mother, I want to ask for your support as we enter allergy season and end cold season. Please let your mentor know if your student suffers from allergies. It helps the team know how to support your student best, especially if we notice an increase in sleepiness, puffiness, etc.

We look forward to a great spring with you!

All My Orca Love,
Ms. Klein


6th Grade Staff Updates

Rachel Wong, Math

Students are moving into Equations and Inequalities. We are getting closer to the Unit 4 test, which should be the week after students return from Spring Break. If you have any questions or your student is struggling on their exit tickets, there are still opportunities for them to get help!
Students can:

  • – Sign up for office hours. (3/28 and 4/4 are still available!)
  • – Ask questions during class.
  • – Request some time if they have PLT with me or at the same time as I support my PLT class. (Tuesday/Thursday 12:40-1:55)

If students need to raise their grade, the Fractions (Unit 3) Retest is now available to them. They can retake Unit 1, Unit 2 or Unit 3 if they have a yellow and they have not already taken the re-test.


Chris Hennings, History

Students are continuing to work on their current project: Roman Newspaper. All students should have finished up Checkpoint #1 this week and are currently working on Checkpoint #2. For their newspaper article for Checkpoint #2, they had several topics to choose from, including the assassination of Julius Caesar, construction of the Colosseum, and the Great Fire of Rome. Students will receive feedback in the coming days, so have them keep a look out for updates in their platform! The due date for this Final Product is April 20th.

Our most recent History CA, Ancient Rome: Christianity, came due this week. Check in with your student to make sure they are staying on track! Taking notes at home to prep for a CA is a great way to stay ahead of that line. OUr next CA, Ancient Hebrews: Judaism, will come due on April 17th.


Amanda Wolfe, Science

This week in science students defined their research questions and began their research for the project Shrinking the Human Footprint. Checkpoint 1 and 2 were both due this week. Students have received their first round of feedback on Checkpoint 1 and had in class time to revise their research questions. Feedback for checkpoint 2 will come next week and inclass time to revise work will be provided.

I was so impressed with the thoughtfulness and care that each student demonstrated in defining their research questions. Students refined their questions to link specific human activities to environmental impacts. Next week students will finish research with Checkpoint 3 and submit their draft articles for feedback by Friday in Checkpoint 4.

I am still collecting Human Body Books that are past due. Please check in with your scholar about their work for this. There have been some tremendous demonstrations of beautiful work in these projects.


Chineka Jones, English

In English class this week, students are completing checkpoints 4 and 5 of the Living The Good Life project. They have received feedback and made revisions to Checkpoints 1-3. Students are moving towards getting their outlines complete before Spring Break.




9th Grade Staff Updates

Kristen Smith, Math

Students have been working hard on geometric proofs for congruent triangles and finding the distance between two points using the Pythagorean Theorem. The systems of equations content assessment is due this week, and students can practice for that on IXL. Additionally, students will be taking the performance assessment for Geometry on April 4 and 5. There will be office hours next Wednesday to specifically prepare for that assessment.


Nick Woodruff, History

Students are wrapping up their imperialism project. They are preparing for their debate by writing a short essay on if the countries responsible for imperialism should owe reparations to the countries they imperialized. Checkpoint 4 is due this Friday 3/23 and checkpoint 5 is due 3/30.


Carmen Zelaya, Biology


Jeff Stein, English

Students are performing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in class while analyzing the meaning of Shakespeare’s beautiful, yet complicated language, especially his use of sophisticated figurative meanings. Because students will be working through difficult language during class, it is incredibly important that they are consistently present and participating. Students will begin working on a multi-week multimedia project shortly.


Elective Updates

Jose Perez, Spanish


Danielle Pottberg, Art/Yoga

Students in 6th and 9th grade yoga are working on identifying and naming self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs can range from anything like “I will never be able to do a headstand” to “No one wants to hear what I have to say about this…” It is important as we focus in on the mind and body that we are able to listen in and hear the types of thoughts that come up, especially in meditation. By noticing when we have self talk that is limiting, we realize that we are in control of our thoughts and can change the narrative. Talk to your students about what thoughts come up for them during the quiet times we make in the day.

6th grade artists are using paper to draw with scissors. Inspired by artists such as Matisse and MarcPaperScissors, students are adding collage elements to their dioramas, or creating whimsical, scary and beautiful collages on base paper.

9th grade artists have been looking at the ways in which high performing high school artists come up with ideas, and have viewed a few portfolio reviews for art schools during studio time. The artists have added to their repertoire using found items, painted papers and patterns to layer complex design and create works of collage. Talk to your 9th grade artist about their sketchbook, they should be incorporating collage and text into each sketch for the week. This week’s sketchbook prompt is: “dominance.”

WA Charter Conference Information

Please plan to attend the Washington State Charters Conference in April! Join charter school educators, administrators and families from around the state in SeaTac for an evening reception on Friday, April 27th and/or the full-day conference on Saturday, April 28th.
Come to connect with others, learn more about the charter schools system, family advocacy, and policy updates.


All parents/guardians are invited to attend!
Registration is $30.00, with scholarships for those who need them.
Free meals and childcare are provided the day of the conference – Saturday, April 28th

As the largest Washington state charter public school convening of the year, the Washington Charter Schools Association Conference brings together national, regional and local experts and is a great opportunity for charter school leaders, teachers, board members, parents and advocates to connect, learn and be inspired.

This year’s theme is Onward: Advancing Excellence and Equity. The conference will take place in SeaTac, WA on April 27-28, 2018.

Programming topics include:

  • – Parent Advocacy
  • – Family and Community Engagement
  • – Charter Advocacy 101
  • – Teaching best practices
  • – Facility and Finance

…and many more!


When: April 27th-28th 2018
Where: DoubleTree Hotel in SeaTac
DoubleTree is offering a reduced room rate of $119 (plus taxes and fees) for attendees
How: Register here (parents’ registration is $30 and early bird registration for everyone else ends 3/31)

Free onsite childcare is available for children ages 4-12

Email me or contact the front office if you are interested in carpooling. – Stacey Jacobsen,