Summit Atlas Newsletter: March 31, 2018

Summit Atlas Newsletter: March 31, 2018

Important Dates

  • – April 9th – 13th: No School, Spring Break
  • – Monday, April 16th: Shadow Day
    Time: 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
  • – Tuesday, April 24th: Open House
    Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • – April 27-28: WA Charter Conference
    Please plan to attend the Washington State Charters Conference in April! Join charter school educators, administrators and families from around the state in SeaTac for an evening reception on Friday, April 27th and/or the full-day conference on Saturday, April 28th.

More information can be found at the bottom of this newsletter or by clicking the link HERE.

Around the School

School Links:

School Information:

Dear Atlas Families,

We are incredibly thankful for all of your work in making Atlas the warm and welcoming community we have become! We need Parent volunteers on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please let us know if you have available time, even 30 minutes would be so helpful! Contact Ms. A via email HERE or by phone at 253-987-1535 with your availability.

Meal Plan Payments

Click HERE to make meal plan payment through MySchoolBucks, or send payment via check, payable to “Summit Public Schools”. Contact Halima Abubakar if you have any questions.

High School Electives:

Sign up now for after-school activities! Monday through Thursday activities run until 4:30pm, Friday activities run until 2:30pm.

  • – Dance/Cheer – Monday/Wednesday
  • – Student Council – Monday
  • – Music Club – Wednesday
  • – Robotics Club – Monday
  • – Improv Acting – Friday

Donations Needed

Thank you so much to all of our Atlas families, we truly appreciate our community and all that you do to support our school!

Below is this week’s list of needed supplies:

  • – Notebooks
  • – Basketballs
  • – Pencils
  • – Pens
  • – Desk/File Organizers


Letter from the School Leader

Andrea Klein, Assistant Director

Hello 6th Grade Families!

Let’s start with our current standing for progress toward our goals. As of Friday, March 30, 65% of our Orcas are on track in Power Focus Areas (your student may refer to these as “CAs”). Our team’s (parents, leaders, teachers, and students) goal by next Friday, April 6, is for 80% of our Orcas to be on track. This means that we need 14 more students to be on track! Please check in with your student this weekend to see if they are helping meet this goal. Reach out to the mentor for additional support. We can do this! Our students need to be on track for cognitive skills, projects, and Power Focus Areas in preparation for 7th grade.

There is another urgent matter in which we ask for your support. As we build the middle school model for what is possible in our country, we reject the status quo of “kids will be kids.” We have higher expectations for our students. We believe that all can succeed, not only academically, but also in the kind of person they are. As a team at the school, we will be focusing almost exclusively on choosing kind and appropriate language. You may be hearing more from your student’s mentor about feedback given specifically in this area. We hold our students to high expectations because they can! We thank you in advance for your support in this area.

With Hope,


6th Grade Staff Updates

Rachel Wong, Math

We are getting closer to our Unit 4 Assessment that covers Numerical Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, and Equations and Inequalities. This assessment covers a lot of information, and as we lead up to it as well as the SBAC, it is of vital importance that students sign up to come see me if they are struggling. I have one more office hours available before the test and only about 10 slots open, due to the needing small numbers to support students well. If your student would like to sign up, please have them reach out! They must have an appointment in advance to attend.

Upcoming Important Deadlines in Math:

  • Week of April 14th: Test, Expressions and Equations


Chris Hennings, History

This week, in 6th Grade History, students began working on Checkpoint #3, Biography of a Roman Emperor. They were assigned a Roman Emperor and completed background research before beginning a group project designing a poster about their emperor. As a reminder, Checkpoints #1 and #2 are now past due. Feedback will come over the long weekend, so have your student keep an eye on their platform!

Upcoming Important Deadlines in History:

  • April 17th: Power Focus Area CA Due
  • April 26th: Ancient Roman Newspaper Project Due


Amanda Wolfe, Science

This week, in 6th grade Integrated Science, scholars are working on Developing their Solution, and Drafting their Article for the project Shrinking the Human Footprint. Next week we will revise draft articles and students will submit their final articles by the end of the day Friday April 6th. The Integrated Science class is looking for donations for writing utensils any pens you can send with your scholars are greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Important Deadlines in Science:

  • April 6th: Human Impact Article Project Due


Chineka Jones, English

This week, in 6th grade English, students are continuing on with the current project, Living the Good Life. They will be completing checkpoint 6 and start the brainstorm and prewriting process of their essay. Index card donations are needed by end of day April 6 to help students organize their essays after Spring Break.

Upcoming Important Deadlines in English:

  • April 4th: Power Focus Area CA Due


9th Grade Staff Updates

Kristen Smith, Math

Our performance assessment for Geometry is taking place next Wednesday/Thursday April 4/5. Students can prepare by reviewing class notes and doing extra practice on IXL for Geometry skills. Students should also be studying for their next content assessment, which is Rigid Motions. Passing that content assessment will help students be even more prepared for the performance assessment.


Nick Woodruff, History


(No update this week)

Carmen Zelaya, Biology

(No update this week)

Jeff Stein, English

(No update this week)

Elective Updates

Danielle Pottberg, Art/Yoga

9th grade visual artists are working on a project called collage to canvas. By Monday they need 25 items (magazine cut outs, printouts, photographs, objects, papers, drawings) to make their collage with. These items should have a personal significance to them as they are creating self portraits with color, shape and image to portray themselves. Their sketchbook prompt for this week is “harmonious.”

6th grade artists are finishing up their diorama, and using collage to learn about layering, juxtaposition, storytelling, and image making. Ask your students about what they have been making in studio!

9th grade yogis are working on a less supported headstand, as well as kick-up into forearm stand. In addition, they are continuing to work on self limiting beliefs and paying closer attention to their thoughts as they arise. Ask your yogis to tell you what flying pigeon is, or to show you their crow pose!

6th grade yogis are working on whole body engagement and slow twitch muscle fibers during sun salutations. They are working on linking their movement with breath, and listening carefully to the thoughts that come up during their practice. As your yogis to show you their balanced navasana (boat pose).


Jose Perez, Spanish

(No update this week)

WA Charter Conference Information

Please plan to attend the Washington State Charters Conference in April! Join charter school educators, administrators and families from around the state in SeaTac for an evening reception on Friday, April 27th and/or the full-day conference on Saturday, April 28th.
Come to connect with others, learn more about the charter schools system, family advocacy, and policy updates.


All parents/guardians are invited to attend!
Registration is $30.00, with scholarships for those who need them.
Free meals and childcare are provided the day of the conference – Saturday, April 28th

As the largest Washington state charter public school convening of the year, the Washington Charter Schools Association Conference brings together national, regional and local experts and is a great opportunity for charter school leaders, teachers, board members, parents and advocates to connect, learn and be inspired.

This year’s theme is Onward: Advancing Excellence and Equity. The conference will take place in SeaTac, WA on April 27-28, 2018.

Programming topics include:

  • – Parent Advocacy
  • – Family and Community Engagement
  • – Charter Advocacy 101
  • – Teaching best practices
  • – Facility and Finance

…and many more!


When: April 27th-28th 2018
Where: DoubleTree Hotel in SeaTac
DoubleTree is offering a reduced room rate of $119 (plus taxes and fees) for attendees
How: Register here (parents’ registration is $30 and early bird registration for everyone else ends 3/31)

Free onsite childcare is available for children ages 4-12

Email me or contact the front office if you are interested in carpooling. – Stacey Jacobsen,