Summit Atlas Newsletter: May 12, 2018

Summit Atlas Newsletter: May 12, 2018

Important Dates

  • – Thursday, May 17  – Olympia Rally & Learning Day
  • – Wednesday, May 23 – SBAC Testing, ELA
  • – Thursday, May 24 – SBAC Testing, ELA
  • – Monday, May 28 – School Closed, Memorial Day
  • – Wednesday, May 30 – SBAC Testing, Math
  • – Thursday, May 30 – SBAC Testing, Math
  • – Thursday, June 14 – Last Day of School!

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Around the School

Volunteers Needed!
May 17th Field Trip to the Rally and Learning Day in Olympia

We thank you for being part of our Atlas family. We are super excited about our field trip on May 17th to Olympia to show our support for charter schools. We would love to have you join us and chaperone our students on the trip. We will depart from Atlas at 7:00 AM on the school bus and return by 1:30 PM.

Please reach out to Ms. Abubakar via email or phone if you are available to chaperone.
Phone: 253-987-1535


Donations Needed!

Thank you so much for all of the help and support we have received from you and your families. We are truly grateful to have you all as part of our community.
Below is this week’s list of needed supplies:

  • – Paper Clips
  • – Tape
  • – Clorox Wipes
  • – Desk Organizer



6th Grade Leader & Staff Updates

Letter from the School Leader

Andrea Klein, Executive Director Middle School

Families, we need your help!

Currently, only 50 of our 96 6th graders are completely on track. Please check your student’s platform. If there are any grades that say, “Incomplete”, please reach out to your child’s mentor. Your mentor can guide you through next steps. One piece of feedback we have received from parents is that students often say that there is no homework or that they are waiting for feedback. Students can always spend time preparing for a CA and completing projects at home. If students tell you that they are waiting for feedback for more than one week, please reach out to their mentor.

With only 23 days to go, the team is working to make sure all students cross the finish line. You may find that your student’s mentor will reach out to schedule additional tutoring or work time. We can do this! Students have made such progress in their habits of success over the past 3 weeks, and we believe in them!

As a reminder, students have their SBAC test approaching. We were given the opportunity to separate the English Language Arts portion and the Math portions into two weeks. We believe this will help students stay energized and engaged throughout the process. ELA is now on Wednesday, May 23 and Thursday, May 24, while Math is on Wednesday, May 30 and Thursday, May 31. We appreciate your support in advance!

Last, as it heats up, we may be going on a few excursions to local parks, as well as spending more time outdoors. Please send your students to school with a water bottle and sunscreen.

Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week. We love our families and feel privileged to work with you every day.

Orca Love,



Rachel Wong, Math

We are currently in the beginning stages of our Statistics Unit. We will be getting through a majority of the content that students will need to see before taking the SBAC and finishing our year out with a unit of review to tighten up any concepts that kids may still be confused about.

At this point in the year, students may need to retake some tests in order to raise their grade. If that is the case, students must set up a time with me to clear up confusions about the topic before they retake the test. The goal is to turn all reds and yellows before the end of the year! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Upcoming Important Deadlines in Math:

  • – Next CA Deadline: May 16
  • – Last CA Deadline: June 14


Chris Hennings, History

We are continuing to work on our our final project of the year – a running blog where students will explore one of the major world religions and record their findings on a blog for others to access. They have already jumped right and started exploring their chosen religion and will finish their first checkpoint early next week.

Grades for their most recent project have been posted. If your student still needs to submit their project, or would like to revise their work to earn a higher grade, please encourage them to make an appointment to attend Office Hours this coming week.

Upcoming Important Deadlines in History:

  • – May 24th – Ancient India CA is DUE


Amanda Wolfe, Science

Next week students will design and build their geoengineering models in science. We have an extension for Checkpoint 3, Geoengineering research, which is now due on Tuesday. We only have one science CA left for the year called Conservation of Energy. I encourage all students to get their notes ready and attempt this CA in the next week. If students are looking to improve their grades on a past project they must sign up for my office hours on Monday or Wednesday. They can email me and talk with me and add their name to the board to reserve a spot. The additional focus areas are also a great way to improve student grades they are worth 9% of the grade and all students are highly encouraged to take them.

Resources Needed for our Science Classroom and upcoming project – Donations Welcome!

  • – Pens
  • – 2 Liter clear plastic bottles
  • – Poster Paper
  • – Glue Sticks

Upcoming Important Deadlines in Science:

  • – May 15th – Checkpoint 3 Geoengineering Research Due
  • – May 15th – Checkpoint 4 Plan Model Due
  • – May 22nd – Checkpoint 5 Build and Test Model Due
  • – June 15th – Conservation of Energy is DUE – please encourage students to pass well before this date


Chineka Jones, English

Students have five more lessons until their SBAC Test! This week, we will work on the written portion and practice. Last week, students worked on identifying the main idea of a text while thinking about its genre.

Upcoming Important Deadlines in English:

  • – May 23rd – Next CA is DUE

9th Grade Leader & Staff Updates

Letter from the School Leader
Katie Bubalo, Executive Director High School

Save the Date: May 17th Rally and Learning Day in Olympia

Dear families,

On the morning of Thursday, May 17th, Atlas students and families will have the opportunity to head to Olympia with hundreds of other charter school families and supporters for a rally and learning day. As a school, we will be sending sixth and ninth grade students who are On Track in all classes and prepared to succeed on the SBAC. We are extremely excited for this opportunity for our students. While we wish all of our students could attend; however, we do have limited space and we need to prioritize academic success for the end of the school year.

Last February, the King County Superior Court upheld the charter law on all counts. Despite the strong ruling, charter school opponents decided to appeal the decision straight to the state Supreme Court.

We remain confident in the law and are excited for the opportunity to come together as a sector to rally for continued educational opportunities for our students.

The state Supreme Court’s decision will come at some point further down the line. We promise to keep you updated throughout the process.

We are still in need of a few parents volunteers; please reach out to Halma Abubakar in the main office or via email to join us on the trip!

Warm regards,



Kristen Smith, Math

This week in Math I students continued learning about statistics and exploring the correlation coefficient. They completed a project where they examined the relationship between educational attainment and the unemployment rate. Next week the PFA for Univariate Data will be due on Friday, May 18. Students can review by practicing on IXL.


Nick Woodruff, History

Students are finishing up checkpoints 1-3 and beginning to select pieces of art to analyze for their project. Students will be answering an essential question related to the effects of World War 1 or how art was used to express emotion during or after the war. Students will be selecting to pieces of art for this.


Carmen Zelaya, Biology

Many students need to complete missing parts of Scientific Discoveries which are not optional. Please ask your students to double check if they are missing any work in this project. The final Bioremediation Lab report, including completed Results and Conclusion, are due this weekend. Please make sure your student hits the submit button as they complete the project. Students should expect to take the DNA to Protein content assessment prior to this Wednesday.


Jeff Stein, English

Late Romeo and Juliet projects need to be turned in ASAP. Our new (and last) unit is researching, writing, and presenting a persuasive speech on an issue facing the world, the U.S., or teenagers today. The last three CA’s in English are all related to the unit and we will be working on studying for those CA’s simultaneously.

Elective Updates

Danielle Pottberg, Art/Yoga

6th grade artists are working on monochromatic color and using tints and shades in their work. Their skills lab piece will be finished this upcoming class, ask them what they decided to create for their piece!

9th grade artists are using tints and shades to create depth and show space in their work. They are using color to display a mood while also showing the elements of art of space and color. They should be using at home time to get all caught up with their sketchbook prompts. A reminder that each sketch should include an element of text, collage and observational drawing.

6th grade yoga is working on really linking their breath to their movement for their true vinyasa flow. Many of the 6th grade yogis were able to link what they learned about sanskrit and yogic traditions and the history of yoga to connect with their current history content assessments.

9th grade yogis are focused on the peak pose of side crow variation split legs, and working into the splits as well as balanced navasana. They have been learning more about the history of Ashtanga yoga through the mini lessons and the dharma talks. We have increased our guided meditation to a total of 20 minutes! That is a big feat for 9th graders, and I am extremely proud of the work they are putting in.


Jose Perez, Spanish

Spanish 1- This week, students took the Reading Assessment for the project, Mi estilo personal. They read an infographic about recommendations for a job interview. They had to know vocabulary, what the infographic recommends and not recommends for men and women to wear to a job interview and trying to use context clues to understand the meaning of unfamiliar words. We will continue the project by practicing speaking and writing about clothing items and how much they cost. These activities will prepare them for their Final Products where they will work with a partner to have a conversation about a “shopping trip.”
Important Date: Drafts of Shopping Trip and Personal Style Blog due May 18th, Irregular Verbs ir and venir CA due May 23rd.

Spanish 2- After taking their Listening Assessments, students in Spanish 2 are putting the finishing touches on their drafts of their “cooking show.” Once they are done with their drafts, they will write a script and begin practicing for their “cooking show” presentation. They may also record their presentation at home if needed. The idea is to have everyone bring in their dish and share them with classmates on the due date.
Important Date: Script of presentation due May 18th, Present Perfect Tense CA due May 23rd, Final Presentation due May 31st.


Maria Torres, Conditioning

This week we continued working on our stamina by continuing to run around the surrounding neighborhood. Next week I’m excited to put that stamina to the test with the new equipment that was donated by Audrey Schena, thank you! Reminder to parents please send your student with a water bottle to school therefore they can maximizes their time in conditioning and it keeps them hydrated throughout class.


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