Summit Atlas Newsletter: May 27, 2018

Summit Atlas Newsletter: May 27, 2018

Important Dates

  • – Monday, May 28 – School Closed, Memorial Day
  • – Wednesday, May 30 – SBAC Testing, Math
  • – Thursday, May 30 – SBAC Testing, Math
  • – Thursday, June 14 – Last Day of School!

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Donations Needed!

Thank you so much for all of the help and support we have received from you and your families. We are truly grateful to have you all as part of our community.
Below is this week’s list of needed supplies:

  • 1. Pencils
  • 2. Tape
  • 3. Clorox Wipes



6th Grade Leader & Staff Updates

Letter from the School Leader

Andrea Klein, Executive Director Middle School

Happy Long Weekend Middle School Families!

Wednesday the 30th and Thursday the 31st is our SBAC Math Test. Please make sure your student is on time and in school every day these last three weeks! We have BIG end-of-year goals, and our students are so close to meeting them!

Thank you for your continued support.

Orca Pride,
Ms. Klein


Rachel Wong, Math

We are heading to the finish line! The math SBAC is next week already! Where I come from in New Orleans, testing is such a big deal. Schools spend months preparing for kids to be ready for the state test. I love the view that Summit Atlas takes of this test: It is a necessary, required assessment, however, we know that our kids can do so much more. Our kids have worked hard and they are ready for it! The remaining time in math class after SBAC (since we will have then gotten through all of our content for the year) will be working on a statistics project! Please reach out with any questions!

Upcoming Important Deadlines in Math:

  • – June 14 – Last CA Deadline


Chris Hennings, History

This coming week, we will continue to work on our World Religions Blog. Our week will be focused on completing Checkpoint #3.

Upcoming Important Deadlines in History:

  • – June 8th – World Religions Blog Project
  • – June 14th – Last CA Due


Amanda Wolfe, Science

Due to the SBAC testing we have pushed back the due date for the Climate Change project till June 8th. Students will work together in their groups to complete their building and testing of geoengineering design. Students will complete revisions to Checkpoint 3 and complete Checkpoint 4 next week and the following week. Data Collection for their geoengineering will occur in multiple trials and students will summarize their findings for the final project.

Resources Needed for our Science Classroom and upcoming project – Donations Welcome!

  • – Poster Paper
  • – Glue Sticks
  • – Two-liter clear plastic bottles

Upcoming Important Deadlines in Science:

  • – June 14th – Conservation of Energy is DUE – please encourage students to pass well before this date


Chineka Jones, English

This week, in 6th Grade English, students will be reflecting on their English SBAC experience. I am so proud of the work and effort students displayed, while taking the English SBAC. They will also have time in class to complete any overdue CA’s or Projects. The end of year review is coming soon.


9th Grade Leader & Staff Updates

Letter from the School Leader
Katie Bubalo, Executive Director High School

Dear families,

We have exactly 12 days of school before our freshmen become sophomores! Here are some quick and important things to check in with your student about:

  • – Please be on time and attend every day of school all the way to June 14, no matter how On Track or behind you may be
  • – Please get projects done on time; do not wait until the last minute. Waiting until the last minute means teachers cannot get grades finished in time for Summer School
  • – Every minute of class matters right now. Being On Track does not necessary mean you have a solid GPA (Bs and As) for college entrance requirements

From now until the end of the year, our students and teachers will be focused on grades, not greens. Please check your student’s grades on the “Progress” tab of their learning platform. Remember that “green” does not necessarily represent a strong grade; it just means your student is passing that particular item. We know that colleges will look for cumulative GPA, and that starts with freshman year!

Thank you for your partnership as we finish strong!

Warm regards,


Kristen Smith, Math

We have just finished our Statistics Unit, which was our final concept unit of the year. Next week students will begin modeling the population of their country of choice. They will start by predicting the population in the year 2012 and then fact-checking their model. They will try to examine what factors play a part in whether their population model was accurate or not. At this point all students should have turned in Checkpoint 1, and Checkpoint 2 will be due at the end of next week.


Nick Woodruff, History

Students are in the middle of their World War I project and have selected their art that will be a part of their art gallery. Additionally, students will be creating their own art in response to learning stories from veterans from the War in Iraq and War in Afghanistan. We will begin presenting on Wednesday, June 6.


Carmen Zelaya, Biology

Biology plans were rearranged to benefit the students. Our Socratic seminar has been pushed back by about a day, and will take place at the end of the week for some, or beginning of the following week. I can’t wait, I am so eager to hear the wise and insightful thoughts students have on the topic of genetic testing (ask your child about the topic). A packet for Punnett Squares will be made available next week, and the content assessment needs to be taken ideally by June 10. Students should be focusing their energies on going back to past assignments and refining their work to bring up their grades. I can only review grades if students email me the details of the changes they made . Attendance during this time is of critical importance! Only about 2 weeks of school left!
Jeff Stein, English
Email me here

Students need to finish the first draft of their persuasive speech by Thursday. It is imperative that students keep up with the checkpoint deadlines for this project as no late submissions can be accepted.


Jeff Stein, English

Students need to finish the first draft of their persuasive speech by Thursday. It is imperative that students keep up with the checkpoint deadlines for this project as no late submissions can be accepted.

Elective Updates

Danielle Pottberg, Art/Yoga

Are you or your student interested in any summer yoga classes? If so, please email me! If I get enough students interested I can run a few summer workshops in the park over the break!


Jose Perez, Spanish

(No update this week.)


Maria Torres, Conditioning

(No update this week.)


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