Afterschool Clubs and Activities

We’re excited to kick off several great extracurricular activities this year.  A huge thanks to Cathy Giblin and our Denali Parent Org for putting a big effort into after school activities.  

Below is a calendar and additional information about these activities. All activities offer scholarships so that all students are able to participate.  In addition to afterschool clubs, students can start and run clubs during lunch. If you are interested in signing your student up, please contact Cathy Giblin via the Denali Parent Listserv.

Fall After School Activities Schedule - Sept 15-Oct 23rd*

All activities run from 3:30-4:30pm

Monday: Chess (3:30-4:30)

Tuesday: Art (3:30-4:30), Science Olympiad (3:30-5)

Wednesday: Choir (3:30-4:30), 3D Printing (3:30-5), Math Olympiad (3:30-5)

Thursday: Youth Voices Productions (3:30-4:30), Blank Space Club (4th Thursday of each Month)

*Many of the activities run on 6 week cycles.  After the first 6 weeks another cycle will start. 

*Swim Club is scheduled to start in October.