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At Summit Olympus we believe that every student is capable of being college and career ready and should have access to high performing 21st century schools that prepare them for success in college, career and life. For ten years, Summit has provided and innovative, personalized education to its students.


Every Summit student has a dynamic Personalized Learning Plan and is able to access all of the learning tools and resources they need at all time. Summit Students have the opportunity to explore individual passions, interests and careers for eight weeks each year.


Summit students are self-directed learners. From the day they arrive, Summit students are encouraged and coached to develop in the elements of self-directed learning – Challenge Seeking, Persistence, Strategy-shifting, Response to Set-Backs and Appropritae Help Seeking.


All Summit students demonstrate competency in college preparatory course work in five core subjects and the visual arts. All Summit students meet or exceed four-year college entrance requirements.


Every Summit student has at least one adult mentor and coach, who individually supports them to set goals, make a plan to achieve those goals and develop in their Habits of Success. A mentor also serves as college counselor, coach, family liaison and advocate.


Graduates Pass at Least 1 AP Test


Eligible to apply 4-year College


Hispanic / Latino Students Pass at Least 1 AP Test


Alumni Finish 4-year College within 6 years


Choosing a school for a child is a very important decision. That is why I was taking a along time to do that, weighing in deifferent private High Schools… Eventually, I decided to choose this one, due to an incredible amount of positive feedback i’ve heard about it!