Middle School Newsletter: March 5, 2019

Middle School Newsletter: March 5, 2019

School Leader Focus

Andrea Klein, Executive Director Middle School

We are grateful for good weather and consistent school days! As you can tell from your child’s platform, the snow days put us behind in a few areas.  Please work with your child’s mentor to schedule your student for office hours (tutoring) after school until your child has greens (complete and passing grades) in their platform.  As a reminder, red means that your student is not on track for their grade.

For the next 6 weeks, your student will be working on our Cycle 5 Goals.  These goals include:

  • 100% of students at school every day, on time.
  • 90% of students 100% On Track
  • 100% of students will be able to attend our Spring Fling Dance by earning 1,000 pod points.
  • 100% of students will complete checkpoints for projects and earn either a yellow or green feedback score.

Here are ways you can support your child in reaching these goals:

  • Pod points are earned by exhibiting our values throughout the day: curiosity, courage, respect, responsibility, integrity, and compassion. Talk to your student about actions tied to these values.  Respond to teachers’ texts and phone calls about feedback for your student in partnership.
  • Log into your child’s platform and view their current standing.  Students can and should study at home for upcoming Power Focus Area Content Assessments. You can also view their teachers’ feedback in their projects.
  • Make sure your child is here every day on time.  This is more important than ever as we work hard to catch up from the days missed during February.

Thank you for your continued support! The strength of the pod is the orca. The strength of the orca is the pod. Thank you for being a member of our pod!

With Gratitude,
Ms. Klein